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One of the great things about shopping for e-cigarette kits at Euro Vape is that you never need to worry about the compatibility of different components. All of our batteries and clearomizers work together, so you can feel free to experiment. As you become more experienced with vaping, though, you might like to try new things. You might want to see, for example, how a new tank will work with your eGo or EVOD e-cigarette. If you decide to see what’s available at your local vape shops, though, coil resistance is a term that you’re going to need to learn. If you understand coil resistance, you’ll always know whether a given tank, atomizer or other component is the right one for your device. Let’s begin!

What Is Atomizer Resistance?

In vaping, the term “resistance” refers to the electrical resistance of the atomizer coil. A higher-resistance coil is more restrictive to the electrical current, and a lower-resistance coil allows the current to flow through more easily. If the battery voltage is the same, lowering the resistance of the coil results in a circuit that operates at a higher wattage while drawing a greater current – measured in amps – from the battery. If you can’t adjust the voltage or wattage of your vaping device, lowering the resistance of the atomizer coil is another way to make the device produce more vapour – as long as you don’t exceed the amperage limit of your battery.

What Is the Amperage Limit of an eGo E-Cigarette Battery?

Most eGo e-cigarette batteries can deliver a current of up to about 2 amps safely – and to understand how amperage, voltage and resistance relate to one another, you need to use Ohm’s Law.  Assuming that your eGo e-cigarette battery uses power regulation to operate at a constant 3.3 volts, you can use an atomizer coil with a resistance as low as about 1.6-1.7 ohms without worrying about whether you’ll trip your battery’s protection circuit. If you’re using a fully charged battery – and the battery’s indicator light blinks repeatedly while you vape – you’re probably using an atomizer coil with a resistance that’s too low.

What Is the Best Atomizer Coil Resistance for a 3.3 Volt eGo Battery?

If your eGo battery is regulated to operate at a constant voltage, you’ll get the best vapour production with a low-resistance atomizer coil. Lowering the coil resistance will allow your e-cigarette to operate at a higher wattage, giving you warmer vapour, richer flavour and bigger clouds. Remember, though, that a lower coil resistance will come with a corresponding increase in amperage drawn from the battery. In other words, switching to a lower-resistance coil will mean that you’ll need to charge your battery more often.

What Is the Best Atomizer Coil Resistance for an eGo Twist Battery?

An eGo Twist battery has a boost circuit that allows it to operate within a range of 3.2-4.8 volts. The variable-voltage functionality allows you to tailor your vaping experience for the clearomizer, tank or other attachment that you’re using and to get a little extra vapour on those days when your nicotine cravings are a little stronger. Using a variable-voltage battery means that you don’t have to worry so much about whether you’re using an atomizer coil with the ideal resistance for your device. With any coil resistance, it’s possible to get the exact vaping experience you want by making a small voltage adjustment. If you’re willing to adjust the voltage of your eGo Twist battery to suit the needs of your clearomizer or tank, you can use any coil resistance you like as long as you stay within your battery’s current limit of about 2 amps. With lower-resistance coils, you’ll need to operate your battery at a lower voltage setting to avoid exceeding the battery’s current limit. If you want to use a tank or clearomizer with a coil resistance that allows you to use your battery’s full voltage range, use a coil with a resistance of about 2.4 ohms or higher. With a coil resistance of 2.4 ohms or higher, you will not exceed your battery’s current limit at any voltage setting.

Why Do I Get a Burned Taste With a Low-Resistance Clearomizer?

Having an e-cigarette battery that works with many different tanks and clearomizers – and may even give you the ability to change the battery’s voltage whenever you like – gives you a vaping experience that’s flexible and highly customizable. The drawback of that freedom is that it’s possible to configure your vaping setup in a way that doesn’t produce a good result. The atomizer coil isn’t the only component of a tank or clearomizer. Whether you’re using a tank or a clearomizer, e-liquid needs to travel along a wick to reach the atomizer coil – and that’s where problems can creep in.

In some cases, the designer of a piece of vaping equipment doesn’t consider the effects that variable-voltage operation might have on that equipment. When you increase the voltage of your e-cigarette, you increase the wattage at which the atomizer coil operates. The coil produces more vapour because it operates at a higher temperature and reaches that temperature more quickly. If you’re using an attachment like an eGo cartomizer, you’ll experience no problem because of the efficient wick design. In a cartomizer, the wick is wrapped around the atomizer coil. Since the coil always touches e-liquid, it always stays wet.

Suppose, on the other hand, that you’re using a clearomizer in which the wick brings e-liquid from a reservoir at the bottom to a heating coil at the top of the unit. In a top-coil clearomizer, you’ll get very bold flavours because the heating coil is close to your mouth. The drawback, though, is that the e-liquid has a long distance to travel before it reaches the coil. If you operate the clearomizer at too high a voltage, the coil may dry out during long puffs. You’ll taste a burned flavour as a result. If that happens, you need to lower your device’s voltage or take shorter puffs to give the wick more time to carry e-liquid to the coil.

Why Is the eGo Vape Pen the Best E-Cigarette for Beginners?


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Mainstream e-cigarettes store their e-liquid in disposable cartridges. E-cigarette cartridges are expensive, and cartridges from one maker are rarely compatible with other makers’ cartridges. If you want to enjoy real freedom, you need an e-cigarette with a tank. Our vape pens allow you to use the e-liquid of your choice.